sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

16th July

Well, probaly you're looking to this post as you look to an awkward thing, the first english post of my blog. I'm writing in english because today is the birthday of a friend mine, her name is Jen and she lives in Texas, USA. At the beggin of this blog, she say to me that wants my blog in the english language so today this is a post in her tribute :D

I met her in that awkward site, chat roulette, after I looked some ugly guys, she was, with her beautiful smile, understanding my bad english and helping me with this.
She's very special for me, she knows, even at this long distance, a lot of miles, she teaches me very well, and I'm teaching portuguese to her, but I'm not a good teacher... haha
Beyond beautiful and smart (and very very funny ;P) she's very talented with movie editing thing, look at this video, of her 'authory':

Jen, I desire to you best wishes, that all your dreams consume, that we can celebrate your birthday for a lot of years! Take it easy girl! Happy 17 years! xoxo

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